Accounting in Tierp

20170626 test100445 RedigeraWe offer the following bookkeeping and accounting services:

Together with you we will prepare a flexible plan, completely adjusted to your needs.

The contract includes contacts with authorities and auditors as well as up to date reports. We will also support your business by providing on request financial analysis to help you make important decisions.

We can even come to your office and work in your own system.

     Current bookkeeping

Limited companies, partnerships and cooperative associations are required by law to maintain accounting records. It means that you have to record continuously all business transactions so that they can be summarised for various uses. All day-to-day financial transactions have to be recorded in the daybooks, which contain records of purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. Based on these records, an accountant can then create reports, on which the management will base their decisions. Financial records are also of interest to suppliers, banks, tax authorities an many other users.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB ensures that all business transactions are recorded correctly and on time.

Price: 500 kr/h


A well functioning invoicing process improves cash flow in your company. The law also requires that invoices fulfill a list of requirements.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB ensures that all invoices are prepared in accordance with legal requirements and that they are sent to customers at the right time.

Price: 500 kr/h

     Sales and purchase ledgers

Sales and purchase ledgers are detailed itemizations of completed sales and purchases, presented in date sequence. The information in a sales and purchase ledger is summarized periodically and the aggregated amounts are then posted to the accounts in the general ledger.

The sales ledger is the ultimate source document for the sales figure that appears at the top of the income statement. The ledgers also provide control over payment of invoices by indicating which invoices have been paid for and which remain outstanding.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB keeps an eye on payment of invoices, sends reminders to customers and provides liquidity analysis.

Price: 500 kr/h

     Payroll administration

Trophy and certificate without logoIf you have employees, even if it is just yourself, you have to calculate the salary, tax to be deducted and national insurance contributions. Every month, a declaration including the above information has to be sent to Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency), an appropriate posting has to be made in the accounting systems and payments made till employees' accounts. The whole process has to be completed in accordance with laws regarding annual and sick leave. At the end of each year, a statement of tax deductions and national insurance contributions has to be sent to employees and to Skatteverket.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB ensures that salaries, benefits and deductions are correctly calculated and paid to the employees at the right time. We take care of declarations and reports to be sent to Skatteverket and we reconcile the salary accounts in the accounting system.

Price: 500 kr/h

     Month end close

If your company performs the monthly close process it means that it is processing transactions, journal entries and financial statements at the end of each month. Under the accrual method of accounting, it is imperative that the financial statements reflect only the transactions and journal entries having relevance to the current month's revenues and expenses, and end-of-the-month assets and liabilities. This requires various adjustments, reconciliations and calculations to be done at the end of each month.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB will compile your companies income, costs, assets and liabilities in monthly reports.

Price: 500 kr/h

     VAT returns and PAYE reports

All VAT registered companies have to submit a VAT return every month, quarter or year, depending on the company's size. Employers must also submit PAYE reports declaring the amount of tax deductions and national insurance contributions that they have to pay to Skatteverket.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB ensures that your returns are completed correctly and on time. We can even submit them electronically on your behalf.

Price: 500 kr/h

     Annual accounts

All companies need to close their accounts at the end of the tax year. The Swedish law regulates the level of annual closing that has to be completed by companies according to their size.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB prepares annual accounts according to the accounting standards. We ensure that annual accounts provide a true and fair view of the companies financial position and results so that they can help end users make important decisions.

Price: 600 kr/h

     Income tax declaration

Every year companies have to declare their income to Skatteverket. Individuals also have to submit annual income tax returns.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB prepares tax returns for both companies and individuals.

Price: 600 kr/h


Budget is an important tool for managing the finances of your business. The plans that you prepare in the form of budget can then be compared with the actual result on a regular basis therefore providing an important way to control company's resources.

Din Vinst Redovisnibngsbyrå AB can help you to create all types of budgets like operating budget or cash budget. Then we will provide you with reports where you can compare the budget with real results. Thanks to these reports you will be able to make decisions that are best for your business.

Price: 600 kr/h

     Advice on how to start your own business

20170626 test100245 EditIf you plan to start your own business, you have to prepare a business plan and decide which legal form is the most suitable for you. There are also many forms and registrations that you will need to complete.

Din Vinst Redovisningsbyrå AB can help you to make the right decision. We wil guide you through the registration process, help you with your business plan and answer your questions regarding the process of building a company.

Price: 700 kr/h

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